Lynn Lambrecht

"Lori’s writing is riveting-she draws you into the story in such a way that it becomes real for the reader. You feel the emotions, you experience life through her eyes. I could not put this down, turning the pages eagerly to learn more. What an amazing journey from an amazing woman. I highly recommend this book to all.”

Shirley Reynolds, LMFT

Infinite Reflections Counseling LLC

“A Moment in Time” is an incredible, down to earth, inspiring must re-read over and over book. Lori’s heart warming journey brings you along for your own self-discovery"

Joylin Daniels

“Having Lori help me make this difficult journey was awesome. She was there with me the whole way. The techniques she has shown me and helped me to put in place will allow me to make positive changes in my life and the lives of my family. Lori taught me that clutter is more than the ‘stuff’ we have around us. We can also deal with the emotional ‘clutter’ we all deal with, which allows us to move forward. Thank you so much for your guidance.”

Ruffina Oserio

Reviewer for Readers' Favorite

"A Moment in Time: Where Accidents Become Opportunities by Lori Giesey is a spellbinding memoir filled with wisdom for not only coping with the challenges and the crises that life throws our way but actually thriving through them. It begins with the author’s experience of an accident that changes the way she lives and sees life. Avoiding a head-on collision with an oncoming car, she has an accident. This memoir looks at the author's internal process of dealing with pain and crisis and it explores her inner journey into turning challenges and difficult situations into opportunities.

Written in beautiful prose and in a voice that is strong and consistent, the memoir is filled with spiritual insights and thoughts on the one important thing we have—the power to choose our responses to situations, especially painful ones. This author writes with honesty and shares her experiences with a lot of clarity. I found this book to be both engaging and inspiring, filled with thought-provoking passages that will motivate readers to reflect on their own situations.

While A Moment in Time: Where Accidents Become Opportunities chronicles the author’s personal journey towards healing, it is filled with wisdom and insight and the spiritual tools that readers can use to shift their perspective on life and heal after painful moments. The writing is fluid and upbeat, the narrative style so captivating that the reader is keen to follow the voice from page to page. Lori Giesey has a unique gift that will inspire readers to look past the darkness of their experience and into the light that calls them to a more meaningful life."

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