30 Days of Support in Managing Your Money

Join me for Budgeting where you will discover simple ways to lower your expenses, create a budget, and get in the driver’s seat with your finances. Every day for thirty days you will find a short video posted in our private Facebook group, where I am gathering a tribe of like-minded Moment-Makers who will rally around each other to support, encourage, and inspire each other as we differentiate between “needs” and “wants”, learn to recognize consumer traps, explore opportunities for reducing our expenses, discover options for paying off credit card and other interest bearing debt and tools, along with tools and practices that will allow you to see and create a positive cash flow.

Each video will be posted by 9:00 am MST and will include some reflection on core concepts as well as a prompt for the day.

This course is not for the faint of heart! If you are ready for accountability and coaching, are dedicated to collecting every receipt, and have a desire to work through tough decisions in order to relieve the stress of living paycheck to paycheck join me LIVE or at your convenience. To be clear,  I am not a financial advisor or licensed accountant, but I am sharing the strategies and tools I discovered and used to knock out a $200K + debt when we found ourselves in a financial crisis and were barely making any money.

To create and work your budget towards financial freedom:

  • Watch the daily video
  • Complete the prompt
  • Share about your experinece with your new friends

Come join us today!


30 Days of Support in Managing Your Money


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