Lessons and More Lessons!

Using only my good leg for the past four and a half weeks has been tough. I am incredibly grateful for my crutches to help me get around. Grateful this is a short-term experience and humbled by those that deal with this and more on a daily basis. You are my heroes!

Grateful for the lessons I am learning in humility, trust, faith, and taking “listening to my body” to a whole new level!

Today I am excited to report that my doctor’s appointment yesterday went incredibly well!

First they took a new x-ray. This one was weight-bearing. I have to admit when the technician first told me to put my good leg up on the stair and stand with the weight on my broken leg, I was a little hesitant! The last time I put full body weight on that leg it disappeared out from underneath me during my race. (Lessons in faith and trust.)

Next I met with Dr Beard. He was a wealth of information and explanations. He said that I am healing well. Yeah! The fracture is still there but not as pronounced. It is “where he would expect it to be at this time.”

He then gave me permission to start weight-bearing small increments to increase my body’s ability to create new bone. I am THRILLED… but a little nervous! (Embracing the journey)

I am to begin with small amounts of weight for a day or two, then if no pain, add a little additional weight, continuing this process until I see him again in 3 weeks. If there is pain, I have pushed too hard and I need to back it down a notch. (Lesson in listening to my body, faith to move forward, and trust that I will know what is best for me.) No one can tell me how to do this. I have to listen to my body and adapt accordingly.

Dr Beard has also given me permission to swim with no resistance (no fins or propelling myself with my legs), stationary bike with no resistance, and continue the upper body training. Yeah… options!

All that said, taking those first few tentative steps felt so strange and yet so empowering! Like when we cannot quite see what is ahead on life’s path but we step forward with faith and determination. It is only after we step forward with faith that we gain the ability to see a little further along the path.

This girl is so excited to be moving forward but also determined to listen to the guidance of that still small voice that urges us forward to wonderful new destinations or heeds us to slow down to avoid the bump in the road ahead!


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