Embrace the Journey

 Four weeks ago I made one of the best decisions of my life! After breaking my femur 100-150 feet before the finish line of my first marathon, hopping on my good leg through the finish line (with the help of my son and one other), and receiving my medal…

I said to everyone surrounding me in the first aide tent, “Well, looks like I have the sequel to my book! I’m going to embrace this journey and see what Heavenly Father has in store for me!” And that is exactly what I have done!

 I can tell you it has been a MAGNIFICENT journey already! It has allowed incredible personal growth and development/discovery, amazing doors of opportunity to write not just my sequel but collaborate with others, and the ability to hear from some of you how my story has impacted you!

WOW! Such a humbling experience! What amazing opportunities open up when we choose to embrace the journey, come what may!

Today was a new milestone for me. I am four weeks post-surgery and this morning I completed my first official workout with my AMAZING trainer/friend! My doctor in Utah released me to do upper body work for now… but what an incredible feeling to be back in my workout clothes and doing what I can!

I cannot wait to see my doctor here in Colorado on Tuesday. Hoping he will release me to swim and begin weight-bearing activities. No running for now but that is okay. It is part of this amazing journey I am on. I will return to running in the spring but for now I do what I can while allowing this injury to heal, knowing I will live to run another day and if I have anything to say about it, another marathon!

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