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Is it Possible?

By Lori Giesey | March 19, 2020

Most Thursday mornings, I start my day in one of my favorite ways–by working out with my trainer. I love strength training days and the feel of the various weights in my hands–my muscles stretching and strengthening with each squat or lung, the cardio intervals, and my body pushing to complete that last set of […]

Lessons and More Lessons!

By Lori Giesey | October 24, 2019

Using only my good leg for the past four and a half weeks has been tough. I am incredibly grateful for my crutches to help me get around. Grateful this is a short-term experience and humbled by those that deal with this and more on a daily basis. You are my heroes! Grateful for the […]

Embrace the Journey

By Lori Giesey | October 18, 2019

 I can tell you it has been a MAGNIFICENT journey already! It has allowed incredible personal growth and development/discovery, amazing doors of opportunity to write not just my sequel but collaborate with others, and the ability to hear from some of you how my story has impacted you! WOW! Such a humbling experience! What amazing […]

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