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Eighteen years ago, I was in a horrific accident that left me looking like my car–no obvious damage to the outside, but truly devastated internally. After eight months of being told it was “all in my head,” I finally convinced my doctor to order an MRI. From this, it was discovered that I had severe back injuries that required two surgeries and seemingly endless physical therapy. The road to recovery was long and fraught with even more challenges. At one point, I was told that I would never work again nor lift anything over ten pounds repetatively. Today, I run marathons and lead teams in Ragnar and other relay races, proving that we should never settle for “You can’t.”



Life is full of moments.

The moment I made the decision to go right instead of left. The moment I heard the voice and swerved to miss the oncoming car. The moment the doctor told me I would never be a happy, active wife, mother, and leader in my community again.

My story is full of moments in which I had to make choices—some of which I had no idea would make the difference between life and death, thriving and surviving, joy or lifelong depression.

"Lori's writing is riveting - she draws you into the story in such a way that it becomes real for the reader..."

Lynn Lambrecht
Life Strategist & Author of “The Living Planner”

"Having Lori help me make this difficult journey was awesome..."

Joylin Daniels

"Written in beautiful prose and in a voice that is strong and consistent, the memoir is filled with spiritual insights and thoughts on the one important thing we have—the power to choose our responses to situations..."

Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite

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